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Laser Marking
SPM & Automation
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Agile can offer Special Purpose Machinery tailored according to clients requirement. Following are few areas wherein we can offer CNC Machines or Automation Solution:
Agile SPM:
Agile CNC Engraving Machine
Agile CNC Punching Machine
bul Single Station – Multi Station
bul Quick change Tooling Feature
Agile CNC Brasscage Pocket Drilling Machine
Agile CNC Wood Router
Agile CNC PCB Drilling Machine
Agile CNC Routing Machine
Agile CNC Drill-Tap Machines
Agile Rotary Indexing Table
Agile Automobile Component Machinery on make to order basis
Agile Automation / Customized requirement to be integrated with Laser Marking Systems
Agile Accessories & Spares:
X-Y-Z Axis Table
AC Servo Modules
CNC Controllers
Ball Screws
Linear Drive(Magnetic Table)
LM Guides & Rails
Couplings (Backlash Free)
Spindle for PCB Drilling with speed around 24000 RPM
  For further details on above solution, please contact us with brief about your requirement.
Agile Piston Ring Marking
Agile Bearing Marking
Agile Jewellery Rotary
Agile Rotary Indexing
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