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Laser Marking
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I Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking
II Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking
III Fiber Laser Marking
aero Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking
Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG laser marking is conventional and proven for the most industrial laser and marking application worldwide. Till date Lamp Pumped YAG laser enjoys large numbers of installation all over the world. In this type of system, lamp is used to pump crystal rod. This machine is rugged and good for harsh shop floor condition. Lamp pumped laser is also ideal for application that demands high power like deep marking or engraving. Lamp pumped laser system draws more power and generate most heat, but relatively inexpensive in terms of initial investment. Lamp pumped system require consumables like lamp and water filter etc. Lamps may have to be changed approximately every 600-800 hrs if operated continuously at high operating levels or 1000-1200 hrs for less demanding operation. Lamp cost is generally in the range of USD 200/ INR 8,000. Annual maintenance cost may range from USD 2000-3000 or INR 1-1.5 lacs.
Gold Purity Testing Mchine
aero Feature
Agile Proven & oldest laser technology for marking
Agile Lower initial investment per unit of laser power (watt) generated.
Agile Preferred choice for deep marking or engraving
Agile Fairly robust and rugged
Agile Easy availability of spares and service in the market
aero Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking
In Diode Pumped Machine, Laser Diode replaces Lamp as pumping source. Diode Pumped system generate less heat and efficient than lamp pumped machine. It also draws significantly lower power than lamp pumped machine. Diode Pumped System also requires relatively less maintenance due to less heat generation. Typical Diode life is measured in thousands of hours instead of few hundred hours like lamp pumped machine. Life of diode ranged from 5000 hrs to 10000 hrs. However it cost about USD 5,000/ INR 3,00,000. Due to longer life of diode, machine downtime also remains low. Laser diodes are electrically less robust than discharge lamps. Laser Diode may quickly be destroyed by excessive drive currents, or by electrostatic discharges. In conjunction with properly designed electronics, however, this should not happen. Problems can also arise from optical feedback.
aero Feature
Agile Overall high power efficiency
Agile Diode replacement time is fairly longer than lamp
Agile Demands less cooling
Agile Smaller in size
Agile Moderate initial investment
Agile Operating cost significantly lower than lamp pumped laser
Agile Better beam quality leads to better marking quality.
aero Fiber Laser Marking
Fiber laser is latest and radical technology came in use for industrial marking application during last decade. In last few years it has emerged as fastest growing and the most promising technology of laser universe. Fiber laser is fiber optic cable, which acts as both laser source (gain medium) and delivery system for laser beam.  Fiber optic cable has core doped with material called Ytterbium, which is pumped by series of diodes to emit laser with wavelength between 1050 nm and 1070 nm. Fiber laser has very large surface area and hence offers better cooling and electrical efficiency. Since laser is generated and delivered through fiber optic cable, it helps in avoiding complex optical design like other lasers. As a result Fiber offers small, compact, robust, energy-efficient, air-cooled, solid-state laser that develops high peak-to-peak output laser energies and near perfect beam profiles for direct part marking on a wide variety of materials.

For end user fiber offers virtually no consumables, least operating cost and maintenance cost. Yet high initial investment due to proprietary technology owned by only a few companies in the world make it expensive for some first time users especially in developing countries.
aero Feature
Agile Highest power efficiency
Agile Long life of pumping diodes and laser source
Agile Least operating cost - No consumables and least power consumption.
Agile Least maintenance cost - very few replacement parts, No optics alignment, excellent heat dissipation.
Agile Fiber delivery; hence easy to integrate with automation or existing production line
Agile Exceptional beam quality result into sharp and minuscule marking
Agile Air cooling
Agile Compact in size.
Type  Fiber Laser    Nd: YAG  Nd: YAG
Pumping  Multi-Diode Pumped    Diode Pumped  Lamp Pumped
Wavelength  1.06 µm    1.06 µm 1.06 µm
Avg. Output Power 20 W 50 W 75 W
Pulse Energy  Upto 1 mJ    
Beam Quality (M2) 1.6  <4 <6
Pulse Width @ FWHM 100 ns 10-100 ns 10-100 ns
Pulse Repetition Frequency  20-100 kHz    1-100 kHz  1-100 kHz
Output Peak Power Upto 10 kW Upto 50 kW Upto 75 kW
Operating Temprature  5-40 °C    25 °C  25 °C
Safety Class Class IV Class IV Class IV
Red Aiming Beam Optional Optional Optional
   230 V/50 Hz -
 115 V/60 Hz
  220 V/
  1 Phase
380 V/50 Hz
3 Phase
Marking Area 100 mm 150 mm (Optional) 200 mm (Optional)
Max Work Piece Height 100 mm 200 mm (Optional) 300 mm (Optional)
Working Area 200 x 200 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm
Fume Extractor Optional Optional Optional
Rotary Mechanism Optional Optional Optional
WINDOWS 2000/XP Compatible, Logo/Text/Character Marking, Zooming/Scale, Mirror Image, Standard Window Fonts, Offset Marking, Serial No Marking, Barcode Marking, Marking Time Measurement, 2D Code (Optional), RS 232 Compatibility
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