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Title Laser Solar Cell Scribing System
Laser Marking
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red Fiber Laser Marking
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aerow Product Features
bul Fiber Laser Marking is very compact, plug-n-play type of system.
bul Fiber Laser Marking runs on single phase electrical connection, so very less electricity consumption.
bul Fiber Laser Marking System does not require laser & optics alignment, which leads to lesser maintenance cost.
bul Fiber Laser Marking System has no consumables like lamp, flow tube, DI filter, diode, etc. So, very less operating cost.
bul Fiber Laser Marking does not require external bulky chiller, only room AC is good enough.
aerow Technical Specification
Laser Type Fiber Laser
Pumping Method Multi-diode Pumped
Average /CW Output Power 40 W
Wavelength 1062 ± 3 nm
Beam Quality 2.6 < M2  < 3.7
Pulse Width < 80 ns
Pulse Repetition Rate /Frequency 1-100 kHz
Peak Power Upto 20 kW
Red Aiming Beam / Guide Laser Yes
Laser Class IV
Ambient Temperature 25 °C
Electrical Connection

230 V / 50 Hz ; Single Phase: 115 V / 60 Hz

Power Consumption < 1 kW
Marking Area 150 x 150 mm
Working Area 480 x 480 mm
Z-Axis Travel / Max. Work Piece Height 250 mm
Z-Axis Motion Type Motorized  / Manual
Software Features - Window 2007 / XP Compatible
- Single Screen Highly User Friendly Graphic User Interface(GUI)
- *.plt, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.dxf compatible
- Serial Number, Barcode, 2D Matrix Code Marking
- Auto Marking Activation with delay according to work study
- Multiple Object Preview/ Single Object Preview
- RS 232  / Automation Compatible
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